RSAT – PDAS, Production Data Acquisition System is a package designed exclusively to meet the requirement of Assembly line process in Automotive, Compressor, Pump and Electronics Goods Manufacturing Industry.

A Production Data Acquisition System (RSAT-PDAS) is a control system for managing and monitoring work-in-process on a factory floor. An PDAS keeps track of all manufacturing information in real time, receiving up-to-the-minute data from robots, machine monitors and employees. Although Production Data Acquisition Systems used to operate as self-contained systems, they are increasingly being integrated with ERP / PLM / BAAN software suites. The goal of a Production Data Acquisition System is to improve productivity and reduce cycle-time, the total time to produce an order. By integrating an PDAS with ERP / PLM / BAAN software, factory managers can be proactive about ensuring the delivery of quality products in a timely, cost-effective manner


RCM02 RCM01 Plant 2 Plant 1 Injection Unit FEM02 FCM02CPM01 FEM01 FCM01 CPM02

1.Java with MYSQL / SQL / Oracle Data base WINDOWS and WEB BASED Application System

2.Windows / Web Based Server, Client Application software through Internet and Intranet connectivity

3.Web Based report package and Assembly, testing, Packing / Shipping and Ware House monitoring screen (Can able to access through Intranet-WLAN / Internet)

4.Android Mobile Phone Connectivity for report and production viewing

5.RFID Based Raw Material Storage controlling and Shot falling intimation through E-Mail and SMS

6.Add on Feature for Creation of New Line in same software. (New Package is not required for additional Plant Assembly, testing, Packing / Shipping, we can create whole process in the package itself)

7.Real time data Assembly and Testing recorded by this package is great use in analyzing the production data.

8.GSM Technology and Auto mailing Technology Interface

9.It also gives a history of various types of assembly, testing and packing / shipping report, that have been processed daily.

10.The consumption report generated by this system gives the total consumption of materials over a period of time.

11.Customized User Interface creation and Operator Login, Logout Report, Employee Personal Data Maintenance

12.Can able to Communicate Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider and Mitsubishi PLC CPU Modules